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Indonesian Citizens Can Open Foreign Savings in 11 Countries with BRImo!

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December 11, 2023
Indonesian Citizens Can Open Foreign Savings in 11 Countries with BRImo!
BRI launched a new service for Indonesian Citizens to open accounts with BRImo. Photo: BRI

SEAToday.com, Jakarta- Good news for Indonesian citizens who are abroad, especially workers and
students, can now open BRI accounts with BRImo. This innovation is a form of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia
(Persero) Tbk's commitment to carry out digital transformation to answer market needs in using its
banking services.

Interestingly, Indonesian citizens can open an account through BRImo by using a local cellular number.
In the initial stage, this service accommodates opening BRI accounts with mobile numbers from 11
countries, namely Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE),
Kuwait, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Timor-Leste. Later, countries that can use this service will
continue to be added.

After opening an account, Indonesian citizens who are domiciled abroad can immediately make financial
transactions like living in Indonesia, such as paying for electricity, education, and other service needs,
quickly and efficiently. BRI Network and Service Director Andrijanto revealed that the digital
transformation has encouraged banks to provide complete services using only smartphones.

"Customer experience is BRI's priority in providing every service. BRI also always pays attention to
market needs and increasingly diverse community demands. This service from BRImo is expected to
make it easier for people, even when they are living abroad, but they want something practical", he

To facilitate various other financial needs, BRI is also present in various countries through Bank
Representative (BR) and Overseas Channel representatives spread across Japan, South Korea, Hong
Kong, USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Timor-Leste. The presence of
BRI representatives is expected to provide better services for Indonesians abroad.

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